Visual Delights IV

Visual Empires

3-5 July, 2009

Image: Visual Empires
Visual Empires.

The fourth Visual Delights Conference: Visual Empires will take place at the University of Sheffield between July 3-5, 2009.

Paper subjects include: Imperial cinema, regional patriotic shows, circus and empire, silent film and identity, topographical empires, expedition films, the magic lantern and the empire, patriotism on the stage, sport as national identity, music hall and imperial sentiment, photography and otherness, colonial postcards, world's fairs and ethnographic display, panoramic and dioramic empires, advertising and empire and the Boer War.

speakers include:

  • Scott Anthony - Snowden Gamble and the films of Imperial Airways
  • Teresa Castro - Imperialism and Early Cinema's "Mapping Impulse"
  • Cosimo Chiarelli - In the (visual) heart of Borneo - Charles Hose in Sarawak
  • Maurizio Cinquegrani - From Sydenham to Hyderabad: a Cinematic Map of the British Empire and its Cities
  • Denis Condon - Receiving News from the Seat of War: Dublin Audiences Respond to Boer War Entertainments
  • Richard Crangle - The Magic Lantern Society/Trier database project
  • Michael Eaton - Golden Bough and Silver Nitrate
  • Fulya Ertem - Facing the "Other": A critical approach to the construction of identity narratives in the early photographic practice of the Ottoman Empire
  • John Fullerton and Elaine King - ' Looking back, looking forward: colonial architecture in Mexico at the turn of the twentieth century and its representation in photography and the illustrated press'
  • Viv Gardner - The Earl and the Girl: marriages of convenience between the old world and the new in early 20th century musical comedy
  • Samantha Holland - The hilarious joke of miscegenation in turn-of-the-century US films and culture
  • Gunnar Iversen - Inventing the Nation - Diorama in Norway 1888-1894
  • Roshini Kempadoo - Defining subjects: Photography and the Trinidad plantation worker (1860s - 1940s)
  • Martin Loiperdinger - Screening the Boer War in Germany: Audience Response and Censorship
  • Paul Maloney - St George and Ali Baba: the visual culture of pantomime in Edinburgh in 1869
  • Matthew L. McDowell - Newspaper cartoons and the drawing of early Scottish football, 1865-1902
  • Andrew May & Christina Twomey - Visual subjects and colonial sympathies: Australian responses to the 1870s Indian famine
  • Annamaria Motrescu - Displaced Indian identities in early colonial amateur films
  • Alessandro Pes - Ordinary People Celebrities-The Fascist mythicizing of Italian settlers in East Africa
  • John Plunkett, Joe Kember, Jill Sullivan - 'Regional Empires: A Case Study of Popular Shows in the South West 1820-1900'
  • Tom Rice - 'Presenting the Empire on Screen: The Empire Series (1925-1928)
  • Emma Sandon - Cinema and Empire: The Prince of Wales Tour 1925
  • Amy Sargeant - Lever, Lifebuoy and Ivory
  • Theresa Scandiffio - Welcome to the Show: Field Museum-Sponsored Expedition Films (1920s-1930s)
  • J. P. Short - Empire and the Working-Class Eye: A History of Bourgeois Anxiety
  • Jacob Smith - The Adventures of the Lion Tamer
  • Louise Tythacott - The Ethnographic Museum
  • Christina Welch - Savagery on Show: The Popular Visual Representation of North American Indian Peoples and their Lifeways at the World's Fairs and in the Wild West Shows
  • Joshua Yumibe - Abyssinian Expedition and the Field of Visual Display

    presentations include:

  • Rare screenings from Crazy Cinematograph Project
  • First World War Magic Lantern Show by Professor Mervyn Heard
  • Screenings with musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne from the British Film Institute, Scottish Screen Archive and the Nederlands Filmmuseum.

    The conference will be jointly hosted by the Louis Le Prince Centre, University of Leeds and the National Fairground Archive, University of Sheffield. It is held in conjunction with the Journal of Early Popular Visual Culture. To download a booking form please click here.

    Accommodation details here.