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See our day-by-day news-blog from 100 years ago for the actual reports from the Sheffield Jungles - click here to view this. Below we will list the week by week headlines for the duration of the Sheffield Jungles and notify you of any other additions to the project website during the interim period of the Sheffield Jungles.

The Sheffield Jungle project website will continue to develop now we have reached the end of the second event - keep checking our updates page and Twitter feed for new articles, additions and events.

Updates 25th September 2014

In what is our final update we bring together three items that take you back to the Sheffield Jungle:

Firstly, check out this fantastic find - Alistair McLean from Sheffield Museums unearths an image showing Harry Tudor outside the Sheffield Jungle. See our downloads page and scroll to the bottom.

Secondly, and possibly just as stunning, Una Gormley has sent in a signed postcard of Jungle fasting man Victor Beaute - again on the downloads page.

Finally, we have a pair of images showing Jungle artist Darwin Bartrop at his Worksop home with his Jungle influences and souvenirs.

Update 1st September 2013

Feedback... sent in by Paul Lally, the grand-son of baritone Tom Lally who famously performed from the lions' den for the finale of the 1911 Jungle. Thanks for this information - it is great when the Sheffield Jungle is brought to bear relevance on the modern day.

Update 1st July 2013

A bit of a wait but here's the first of some interesting feedback... sent in by Mike Henley we have an image of a engraved goblet as follows: "Presented to Mr G R Henley by Frank C Bostock as a memento of his valour on entering the cage of African Lions at Wombwell's Managerie (sic) at Swindon SepR 12th 1887".

This fascinating artefact relates to Frank Bostock's time in charge of the traditional Bostock and Wombwell Show, where (presumably) Mr Henley would have entered the small box cage housing the lions. We wonder if this was an impromptu stunt or whether Mr Henley was known to the Bostocks and staged the happening? A great picture on our downloads page.

Update 2nd January 2013

We start 2013 with a series of new articles and research. First up is a contribution by Alex Jackson looking at the Ashantee Village exhibited in Sheffield (Edmund Road - home of the later Bostock and Wombwell 'Jungles').

Update 29th October 2012

Two Sheffield Jungle events for the 'Off The Shelf' festival - a heritage tour of 1912 Sheffield and a reading of the book 'Tigers on Hawley Street' at the Sheffield Weston Park Museum.

Update 17th October 2012

Sheffield Star 'Retro' feature re-visits the Sheffield Jungle Project.

Update 24th September 2012

Research into Sheffield Aviation Week (1914) finds a link bringing Jungle Manager Harry Tudor back to Sheffield - see bottom of page for details and photographs.

Update 11th September 2012 *Feedback*

More revelations has led us to create a second page about Jungle Manager Harry Tudor and his family following contact from his descendents.

Update 30th August 2012

As part of the OFF THE SHELF festival we are presenting a Jungle History Walk on Sunday 14th October at 2-00pm. Please see our coming events page for more details.

Update 14th August 2012 *Feedback*

We whole-heartedly thank Joyce Bullivant for her research into developing some clues around our long-standing Norman Peace / Endcliffe Lion Cub mystery.

Update 7th August 2012

Chimps at conference - thanks to University Records Manager Matthew Zawadzki we have this fanastic image from November 1912 showing 'Hans and Greta' at conference in the Grand Hotel with the University professors.

Update 5th July 2012 *Feedback*

A recent email put forward the suggestion that the Royal Alexandra Skating Rink (the home of the Sheffield Jungle) burnt down in May 1910. We went straight to the local studies library to find out what might have happened and have added a postscript to our article on the history of rinking.

Update 1st June 2012

This is so exciting! We have been sent a postcard of Victor Beaute commencing his fast in what we assume to be Sheffield Jungle (check the start date - it matches the latter part of the 1910-1911 Jungle). Click here to see the image, and here to see our original article on fasting exhibitions.

Update 28th May 2012

New forthcoming event at Bishops House Museum (Meersbrook Park, Sheffield) on Sunday 17th June between 13-00 and 15-00.


Update 09th May 2012

Website update - thanks to our colleagues at the Sheffield Local Studies Library we have added two valuable pictures that show the Jungle building providing other uses during the short period between the end of the Jungle and the start of the Great War.


Update 02nd May 2012

Website update - possibly laying claim to a 'Sheffield Jungle III' we look at the presentations by Francis 'Little Frank' Bostock at the Edmund Road Drill Hall in the late 1920s. More research on this subject to follow.


Second Jungle - Week 27 - April 25-28 1913

The final week is here, no more Jungle in Sheffield.

Website update - A fantastic photograph of Frank Bostock's splendid Gallopers on arrival in the USA features in our download section.

Second Jungle - Week 26 - April 18-24 1913

The final week is nearly upon us. Competitions to be judged by Alderman Wardley.

Website update - Our 'residual jungles' series is added to with an article on the Peak District wallaby colony - forming the first part of an investigation into belief, mythology, evidence and artefact.

Second Jungle - Week 25 - April 11-17 1913

The disbanding Jungle is listed as going to Ghent, Manchester and the Liverpool Exhibition. To maintain interest in Sheffield we see the arrival of 'Mr Tit-bits' to dispense gifts and prizes.

Second Jungle - Week 24 - April 4-10 1913

Its all ending very soon. Short of creating an exciting event we have a countdown to the last ever Sheffield Jungle.

Website update - With the press frenzy over Damien Hirst and the major exhibition at the Tate we re-visit our original article on Hirst and showmanship with a Hirst redux.

Second Jungle - Week 23 - March 28 - April 3 1913

The next venue of the Jungle is announced as Ghent - and our research has shown that Baron X would meet his tragic end here. Meanwhile in Sheffield the Jungle announces a beauty contest.

Website update - A new article on primates and popular culture links early exhibitions, Bostock's Jungle and the 'Planet of the Apes' craze.

Second Jungle - Week 22 - March 21-27 1913

The press reports big Easter crowds as the boxing kangaroo takes on all-comers. The end is clearly in sight: "Today, a reality - soon, only a memory".

Website update - A new poster and emphemera exhibition on the 1920s emergence of a resistance to performing animals is on display here at the University.

Second Jungle - Week 21 - March 14-20 1913

The boxing kangaroo takes centre stage, Easter approaches, and the Jungle has a 'shop assistants night'.

Website update - Our downloads section includes new artwork from an artist project based on the Sheffield Jungle story.

Second Jungle - Week 20 - March 7-13 1913

A novelty arrives - said to be the first in the Jungle - in the form of a boxing kangaroo. Meanwhile Coquelot continues with his camel.

Website update - as a contribution towards International Women's Day (7th March 2012) we present a detailed account of Bostock and the suffragettes. Read about Mary Lloyd and her plans to appear in the Sheffield Jungle, and discover how she was a regular at other Bostock Jungles. Exactly 100 years ago to this week, this brave woman was speaking from the midst of the lions in the Birmingham Jungle. While she survived the surrounding lions, the press of the country seemed content to savage her in their own sarcastic manner...

Second Jungle - Week 19 - February 28 - March 6 1913

A week of very little press coverage, a brief article mentioning new animals and the trainer Coquelot and his unique camel.

Website update - found by Gaye McPhee and Wendy Walker we include a Teddy Bear pin badge on our download page.

Second Jungle - Week 18 - February 21-27 1913

The suffragette challenge gets derailed, and the true end of the Sheffield Jungle is first mentioned.

Website update - worth waiting for, our investigation into where the Jungle staff might have lived, and making sense of the 1911 census. Click here for the fascinating enquiry.

Second Jungle - Week 17 - February 14-20 1913

The model competition is joined by an exhibition of art from Sheffield students. Mr Gay's bears get into a fight. And, at the end of the week, we see the challenge to a suffragette.

Second Jungle - Week 16 - February 7-13 1913

The equestrian lion - in which a lion rides a horse - is re-introduced with the addition of a dog. A model competition is announced.

Website update - our second article revealing a marriage - and fatal ending - between two Jungle regulars Baron X and Madame D'Orcy. Click here to read the story.

See also our updated links page for a new link to Bostock in France.

Second Jungle - Week 15 - January 31 - February 6 1913

February arrives and the charity bucket is still being milked! Ginger continues to appear and the 500th performance is graced by the Master Cutler who is presented with a Darwin Bartrop portait "Royal Pluto". We are still trying to find out about Worksop-born artist Bartrop - can you help?

Website update - research has revealed that the 'Jungle building' provided a venue for more entertainment between and after the Sheffield Jungles - including a Australian Buckjumpers and a tribe of "headhunters". Click here to read about the events and attractions prior to the First World War.

Second Jungle - Week 14 - January 24-30 1913

A new arrival - 'Ginger' the orang-utan. Meanwhile a reference to where the Bostock Jungle will go next following the break-up of the Bostock estate, and a statement that it is unlikely to return to Sheffield.

Website update - local author Anne Beadham kindly provides a history of Randini - a Sheffield man who visted the Jungle and became in akey figure in the world of escapology.

Second Jungle - Week 13 - January 17-23 1913

Further reference to the suffragette movement, the election rumbles on, and Madame Gavette's polar bears performance mentioned. This week saw the 500th performance in Sheffield.

Website update - new article covering Jungles and other such activities in the time period before Sheffield Jungle and the time period after Sheffield Jungle, covering events in Manchester, Edinburgh, Bradford and Glasgow - each article contains links to press pieces from the World's Fair newspaper including articles on some known perfoemers.

Second Jungle - Week 12 - January 10-16 1913

The ballot to determine which hospital gets the box of money continues, new attractions and trainers are listed including mlle Louise and her pumas and the continuation of Albert Coqelit and his racing dromedary. Interesting snippets of information include a mention of Sheffield now only having one roller-skating rink (remember that the Jungle occupies the shell of the biggest rink built during the 'craze') and also the first mention tongue-in-cheek of the suffragette movement. Watch this space.

Website update - new article on Jungle manager Matthew Johnston plus more new material from World's Fair newspaper including an article on Harry Tudor, a description of Herr Falkendorf's attack in Glasgow and some key resources on Frank Bostock added as links to the foot of the Frank Bostock profile page.

Second Jungle - Week 11 - January 3-9 1913

An auction to determine the destination of the charity collection, mention of a performing camel (said to be the most difficult beast to train) and a billing for Frauline Scheussler.

Website update - some interesting new material to complement the previous reseach including an article on Anita the Living Doll, a photograph of the fasting event at Leeds 'Giant's Palace' from 1914 (a similar event to Sheffield Jungle), and last but not least an astonishing photograph of a Mouse Colliery for sale - could this be the famous Jungle Colliery?

Second Jungle - Week 10 - December 27 1912 - January 2 1913

Not much news from the local newspapers over the festive period, but we have dug out a great old picture missing from the first Jungle of a bear and handler.

Website update - following the incredible flight of chimpanzees Hans and Greta over the Redmires Racecourse we follow some links to unravel a fascinating story and a Christmas tragedy for Sheffield's first aviator John Lawrence Hall.

Second Jungle - Week 9 - December 20-26 1912

For Christmas 1912 we see the Jungle tree and an offer of seeing the lions' party. The newspapers report that 14,700 visit on the Christmas Day itself!

If you read the reports closely you will see both Tommy Tallon (lion tamer) and Gavetti (polar bears who re-enact the storming of a fort with a cannon) - our research article a few weeks ago revealed these to be a married couple with a tragic ending. We are currently researching another Jungle partnership with a remarkably tragic parallel tale - so keep an eye open for that in the new year.

Website update - an in depth article looking at the Cultural Dynamics of Animal Collections follows our presentation at a recent conference on zoo histories.

Second Jungle - Week 8 - December 13-19 1912

Two 'warring' elephants arrive with their trainer Professor Teitz whilst Hans and Greta continue to expenad their repertoire.

Website update - calm before the storm - we look at Life and Leisure in Sheffield and consider the impending impact of the First World War.

Second Jungle - Week 7 - December 6-12 1912

The return of Hans and Greta and the announcement of the Jungle Christmas album with artwork by Darwin Bartrop - if anyone out there has a copy of this PLEASE get in touch!

Second Jungle - Week 6 - November 29 - December 5 1912

Madame D'Orcy returns, more charity is planned, an 'Irish canary' turns up, and Harry Tudor embarks on his baby show.

Website update - coming and going - how did the Jungle animals arrive in Sheffield? We make an educated guess and look at Sheffield Railways and a potted history of the circus on rails.

Second Jungle - Week 5 - November 22-28 1912

The chimpanzees going flying above Redmires! The reports suggest that the event was filmed, now that would be something to see...

Website update - forthcoming event this weekend - short animation film on Lizzie the elephant.

Second Jungle - Week 4 - November 15-21 1912

A lull in proceedings, but whispers of the chimpanzees going on an aeroplane trip?

Website update - A major article looking at the parallels between Damien Hirst and Frank Bostock, discussing art, showmanship and controversy following the Hirst retrospective at Leeds Art Gallery.

Second Jungle - Week 3 - November 8-14 1912

More primate activity as a rival pair of chimpanzees come to the Sheffield Hippodrome and Bostock's 'Hans and Greta' take part in a University lecture and debate.

Website update - Image of Frank Bostock's grave on our downloads page.

Second Jungle - Week 2 - November 1-7 1912

The primate equivalent of 'Darby and Joan' arrive in the Sheffield Jungle as bonfire night passes through the city.

Website update - A tragic story of life in the Jungle with Tom Tallon and his short-lived marriage to polar bear trainer Mlle Gavett.

Second Jungle - Week 1 - October 25-31 1912

The second Jungle commences proper with the publicity of a Wentworth stag running amok in Stainton Road - Jungle specialists such as lion tamer Tom Tallon are called to bring the animal in.

Website update - For the second Jungle we have a newly-designed slide - Sheffield and sliding... there's a history there to unravel.

STOP PRESS! - Article and fantastic photographs of the Endcliffe stag hunt added on the pre-publicity press page.

Update 20th October 2011

The Jungle is back - we commence our Jungle 2 chronology with pre-publicity press from various newspapers, including a photograph of Mr Tudor welcoming in elephants and camels arriving by train. We welcome Nicola Walker to the Sheffield Jungle project - Nicola will be gathering material from the newspapers and providing historical research and context. She is happy to answer your questions about the Jungle and the project through our usual email.

Website update - short articles on a sneezing elephant and the French trainer Madame D'Orcy.

Coming soon

Educated apes, mythology and popular culture - as Bostock presented his 'Consul' chimpanzee over 100 years ago we look at the release of two films - 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' and 'Nim'.

Art, taxidermy and showmanship - with a Damien Hirst retrospective at Leeds Art Gallery we look at the relationship between modern artists and showmen like Frank Bostock, using animal exhibition and curiosity as a link.

Update 29th September 2011

New download - publicity material from Frank Bostock, including a first glimpse of his business card, can be downloaded here.

Update 23rd September 2011

New download - local artist Steve Birks has kindly sent in his tribute to Lizzie the Elephant - listen or download from here.

Website update - details of Frank Bostock's obituary and will added to the Death of Frank Bostock page.

Update 26th August 2011

Website update - the final part in our series 'Between the Jungles' looks at the Death of Frank Bostock.

Update 12th August 2011

Website update - from Rudyard Kipling, to Clockwork Orange, to Malcolm McLaren - we conclude our sightseeing tour of the influence of the jungle in City and Culture.

Update 29th July 2011

Website update - The jungle in literature, film and music shows a link between City and Culture as we present the first part of a different style article from a cultural and architectural viewpoint.

Update 12th July 2011

Website update - Bostock and Wombwell were the number one menagerie presenters in the UK. Whilst Frank formed his Jungle as a project to better his siblings the Bostock and Wombwell menagerie continued after Frank's death with a series of visits to Sheffield.

Update 29th June 2011

Website update - The second part of the trio of articles looks at Bostock's activities Between the Jungles. This covers the various events staged by Bostock and key moments such as an elephant's sneeze, a laughing contest between a hyena and a jackass, and a 1911 version of 'The Apprentice' where the applicants fire themselves in abject fear of their tasks.

Update 22nd June 2011

Website update - The first part of a trio of articles begins by looking at the management of Sheffield Jungle with a brief insight into the life of general manager Harry Tudor.

Update 27th May 2011

Website update - Our 'Residual Jungles' series continues with an Incident at Skegness involving lions and a famous campaigner.

Update 19th May 2011

The Sheffield Jungle project will be on display at Weston Whit Fayre on Sunday 22nd May 2011 - free entry, lots to see!

Look out for the 'Tigers on Hawley Street' poster campaign - part of the Real Stories initiative developed by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Last, but not least, the question of Sheffield Jungle as a habitable space forms part of a display at the Inhabiting Space project at Jessop West Exhibition Space, 30th May - 11th June.

First Jungle - Week 28 - May 9-15 1911

The final day sees Bostock doing it all for charity. Farewell Sheffield Jungle, our city will return to normal service until the next time...

Website update - Who was Victor Beaute and what did a 1911 hunger artist do?

A history of the Side-Show format is presented by Archive director Professor Toulmin.

First Jungle - Week 27 - May 2-8 1911

Its the final week and its not over until the fat lady sings - as Sylvia Pankhurst speaks in Rotherham, the Jungle sees local baritone Tom Lally perform hurried (and worried) versions of 'The Toreador' and 'Auld Lang Syne' as the lions refuse to remain on their perches. Its a fine line between bravery and foolishness.

Website update - As Jim Johnson boxes through the final week we investigate why he might have been in Sheffield, and uncover the legend that is Iron Hague.

First Jungle - Week 26 - April 25 - May 1 1911

The Jungle announces an extension of 1 week! Artist Darwin Bartrop is on hand to paint the 'equestrian lion', the fasting man emerges from his ordeal to be checked over at the University, and the American boxer Jim Johnson makes an appearance demonstrating boxing skills.

Website update - Following on from our discussion of provision, we look at menageries and museums through the partnership of Sheffield Jungle and the City Museum.

Not strictly part of Sheffield Jungle, but definitely a nearly lost chapter of exhibition culture, is the Flea Circus. After last week's article on Anita the Living Doll we have sourced some visual images and evidence of a royal encounter give you an Anita encore.

First Jungle - Week 25 - April 18-24 1911

The essay competition prizewinners are listed in full and a ceremony with William Clegg is recorded. As the Jungle winds down there is a promise to revisit in 1916.

Website update - Who was Anita the Living Doll, and what is the tradition of exhibiting giants and dwarves?

First Jungle - Week 24 - April 11-17 1911

Easter week but the Jungle never sleeps - a new bear, a giant game of charity whist, and an appearance of 'Anita - the Living Doll'.

Website update - The first in a series of linked articles looks at provision of animals in Bostock's Jungle and the wider world of zoos and menageries.

First Jungle - Week 23 - April 4-10 1911

Victor Beaute continues to fast, the snake act gets going and Anita the Living Doll is announced as appearing. A rare photograph of the essay writing competition shows the size of the Jungle, and the charity whist event gathers steam with the auction of a rare dog.

Website update - To coincide with Osco and the reptiles, Bostock's account of snake-keeping is transcribed from his autobiography.

Our Archaeology section is updated with a discussion of Bostock and Darwinism providing some critical conclusions.

First Jungle - Week 22 - March 28 - April 3 1911

The boat arrived but the snakes weren't on board, a fasting man is announced as living through April on "nowt but pop and cigs", and the gorilla takes an early morning motor-car ride to the University.

Website update - Al Stencell presents his extended account of Bostock in America, a period of time that saw the birth of the Jungle concept. We also provide a study of performance and a link to visual resources in the NFA depicting performance themes in our photographic collections.

First Jungle - Week 21 - March 21-27 1911

Facts, figures and snakes alive! Osco is announced as arriving with 5,000 reptiles, alongside 2,400 children in an essay writing competition, an order for 10,000 easter eggs, and a 250th performance.

Website update - Sheffield's most famous elephant Lizzie is given a well-deserved guest spot on the Sheffield Jungle website.

First Jungle - Week 20 - March 14-20 1911

Once again it is Mary Ellen taking the headlines, with mention of Tom Tallon the youngest lion tamer and an article on local schools competing in an essay writing competition.

Website update - with Mary Ellen the star of the show we look at elephants in animal exhibition.

First Jungle - Week 19 - March 7-13 1911

Mary Ellen the elephant (with a companion fox terrier) is the main attraction in the news.

Website update - the second of our 'archival insights' uses the Falkendorf story to look at the complexities of family history research.

First Jungle - Week 18 - February 28 - March 6 1911

Continued interest in the model colliery and 'Harem Skirt', plus the announcement of the arrival of Mary the 'smoking elephant'.

Website update - the second residual jungle is discussed with an article on the 'hole in the road' plus we take a deeper look at the Norman Peace lion cub in an attempt to solve this Jungle mystery.

First Jungle - Week 17 - February 21-27 1911

The model colliery operated by mice is given publicity alongside a wrestling bear, a roller-skating bear and a special appearance of the risque Parisian 'Harem Skirt' worn in the lion's den.

Website update - where do mice and model mines fit in to our cultural history of entertainment? We find all the facts and more...

Elsewhere we look at the contribution of the Sheffield Jungle to the University of Sheffield and the study of zoology and anatomy.

First Jungle - Week 16 - February 14-20 1911

Its the week of the wedding and chaos breaks out at the church - this event would have made the front cover of Heat and Hello magazines had such publications existed 100 years ago. The show never stops as Bostock then prepares his next attraction - a model colliery operated by mice (yes, you read that right).

Website update - The phenomena of the lion tamer is explained through the story of Herr Falkendorf and the final stage of the Jungle site history is completed with the opening of Griffin House to bring us up to present date.

First Jungle - Week 15 - February 7-13 1911

Unsettling photograph of the gorilla authentification, Falkendorf's continued back-story in the light of his marriage proposal to a local lady, and the arrival of a singing canary - maybe we should have tweeted that last bit of news?

Website update - The first of our 'Sheffield Educated' series looks at the use of the Jungle by the Technical School of Art as they allow a group of students to make sketches of the beasts.

First Jungle - Week 14 - January 31 - February 6 1911

The gorilla returns after authentification, and Falkendorf makes a proper return with a surprise announcement at the end of the week. In the absence of other news the Jungle staff go on a literary crusade with limerick contests and a series of poetic advertisements.

Website update - We begin our 'Family Connections' series with the Sheffield-based Whittington Family - starting from the Victorian Tenter Street as fruiterers travelling and then switching to travel a somewhat adventurous Menagerie in the 1860s - a story not for the faint-hearted. The article is twinned with a story of the Whittington poster arriving in the collection and undergoing delicate conservation.

Elsewhere we start a different approach looking at the implications of the architecture of the Sheffield Jungle looking at Transportable Jungles on the fairground.

First Jungle - Week 13 - January 24-30 1911

Bostock completes his 'Darwin Villa' though there is a question over whether his gorilla is actually as described. The 'missing link' angle is exploited as trainer Don Pedro de-evolves to give demonstrations of climbing and walking with the primates.

Website update - The fourth article documenting the local space sees the completion of the transport depot as the Jungle site recovers from the war years.

First Jungle - Week 12 - January 17-23 1911

Herr Falkendorf recovers and the Jungle shows thanks by giving a free show to slum children and starting a hospital fund. A low-key debate on the ethics of animals in captivity is hosted in the Daily Telegraph whilst, unpeturbed, Bostock adds a boxing kangaroo and continues his quest to create the ultimate 'Darwin Villa'.

Website update - The third article documenting the local space sees the building changing purpose through the Great War.

First Jungle - Week 11 - January 10-16 1911

A very busy week in the Sheffield Jungle. The Shorncliffe Bear is re-united with his favourite meal of sandwiches made from tea-leaves, mysterious trainer 'Baron X' arrives and Herr Falkendorf is savaged by a tiger. Falkendorf will become a key figure in the next few weeks as a new story evolves. To round off events we see pictures of the barrel of money travelling to Bolton for the mayor's relief fund, and a group of students from the Sheffield Technical School of Art exhibit their sketches of life in the Jungle.

Website update - The second article documenting the local space sees the building of what will become the Sheffield Jungle with a roller rink construction. Elsewhere we have expanded our section looking at the definition of the Bostock Jungle by describing the structure and specialist acts - with a great image of Baron X and his mane-less lions.

First Jungle - Week 10 - January 3-9 1911

Two key events dominate the first week of 1911 - The Jungle pays respect to the Hulton Colliery Disaster with a cash gesture and appropriate publicity stunt, whilst the first surviving lion cub born in Sheffield (note that 8 previous cubs had perished) is auctioned off to a Sheffield local man for 5.

Website update - The first in a sequence of articles that documents the history of the locality and building use of the Sheffield Jungle begins with the slum clearance of the Crofts area - we will contrast archive and current images in this section.

First Jungle - Weeks 8/9 - December 20 - January 2 1910/1911

It's Christmas in the Sheffield Jungle and the local newspapers feature graphic advertisements of the attractions. The Jungle also pays respect to the Hulton Colliery Disaster - a tragedy that claimed the lives of many coalminers on 21st December 1910.

Website update - Start of the 'Residual Jungles' series with an essay on the Barnsley Whale showcasing more recent exhibitions of strange animals.

First Jungle - Week 7 - December 13-19 1910

The Jungle prepares for Christmas with the promise of the largest tree ever seen in Sheffield along with the fairground ride the 'Joy Wheel'.

The poorly orang-utan noted as making a recovery after being out of view for a few days.

Website update - Introduction to the Joy Wheel, plus resource lists and feature on Manders Menageries on the Menagerie History section of the website added.

First Jungle - Week 6 - December 6-12 1910

Arrival of new bear with elaborate back story of how he was previously employed as a regimental mascot.

Arrival of orang-utan with immediate appeal to view 'as soon as possible' due to his poor chance of surviving in the cold climate.

Website update - Resource lists on Exhibition Culture added.

First Jungle - Week 5 - November 29 - December 5 1910

The Jungle exploits the local elections for maximum publicity.

Website update - Archaeology themed article Animals in Exile added.

First Jungle - Week 4 - November 22-28 1910

Visit of Rotherham Mayor.

Website update - New links page commenced.

First Jungle - Week 3 - November 15-21 1910

Website update - Publicity for Bostock in France (kindly provided by Geoffrey Younger).

First Jungle - Week 2 - November 8-14 1910

Lion vs bear fatality.

Website update - New article on Travelling Menageries added.

First Jungle - Week 1 - November 1-7 1910

Jungle commences with publicity regarding the Master Cutler delivering a speech from the Lions' Den.

Website update - Project website launched!