Waltzer W1

Notes Officialy the first Waltzer, debuting at Enfield in July 1933. The design of the ride has been contested for some time, with Jacksons working towards a prototype, though the partnership between manufacturers Lakin and showmen Charles Thurston added the vital ingredients for an effective ride. As with other Lakin machines, much of the construction was carried out by Maxwells, who went on to build machines in their own right. This original machine passed to James P. collins (and his son Kevin) who maintained the machine in peak condition until its sad destruction by fire after spending a period in store at Brownhills.
Manufacturer Lakin
Owner(s) Charles Thurston [33] - J. P. Collins [40] - Kevin Collins [ ] burnt out [90]
[photo] Waltzer
[photo]waltzer [photo]waltzer [photo]waltzer
[photo]waltzer [photo]waltzer [photo]waltzer